Muesli & Granola

Now with 6 flavours to choose from there is sure to be a flavour combination that you can enjoy.

The nuts and seeds in Maree Wilkinson’s muesli & granola have been soaked in water to activate and retain enzymes then dehydrated at 45C to and maximise nutrient bioavailability.

Maree Wilkinson muesli's have no added sugar with the addition of green banana flour. Green Banana Flour is a prebiotic because it is high in resistant starch.  It is not just gluten & grain free, it is a supplement that helps to maintain a healthy digestive system among other benefits.

Are you looking for an afternoon snack or a topping for your coconut yoghurt or smoothie bowls?  Try our granola range.  Developed for taste with limited sugar content, the granola range is the perfect snack on the go to suit your dietary choices.

Maree Wilkinson’s pantry products have all been independently tested for gluten at a nationally recognised lab.

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