Raw Chocolate

The definition of raw is not heating above a certain temperature in order to maintain antioxidants and maximise enzymes and nutrients.  

Organic raw chocolate has 4 times more antioxidants than cooked chocolate which helps the body fight damage caused by free radicals.  

Dark chocolate has been known to increase the production of serotonin which is released by the body to fight depression and feel happier.  

Back in the days of the Aztecs and Incans, the Theobrama Cacao was a valuable commodity recognised as even more precious than gold or gemstones.  Today unfortunately chocolate is filled with a lot of ingredients that are unhealthy and even inflammatory.

Maree Wilkinson's raw chocolate is traditionally handcrafted, without heating above 42C, with only a small addition of organic coconut sugar.

Hand tempered in small batches using only certified organic ingredients; low GI organic coconut sugar, Mexican raw organic cacao butter and raw organic cacao paste.

By using only premium grown and sourced ingredients, Maree Wilkinson has produced a sophisticated organic raw chocolate that is a healthy treat, without being indulgent.